Monday, September 13, 2010

His picture was featured!! ....and other things to ramble about

I received an email from today telling me that Drex's picture I submitted was featured!!
You can see it here and if you leave a comment that equals a vote. I'm hoping I'm doing this right and something is telling me I'm not. Oh well...he is still my passion!

I go back to the dr tomorrow and I'm excited! I've been without arthritis meds for about a month now and I'm not liking it too much. I hate taking meds but having pain versus not having it 247 is worth taking them to me.

Sunday Drex turned 2 months old...I will have his 2 mth pics on his blog by the end of the week....hopefully!

My niece finally told us what she's naming her baby...still not sure why it was a big secret but at least we know now. His name is Chevy Zade and he will be making his arrival around Oct. 11th. 

I found a hat I wanna make for both babies at I am momma hear me roar, She made the cutest hats for boys and has a tutorial...I'm hoping to get mine to looking half as good as hers. 

I'm gonna try to catch up on a few blogs and then hit the sewing machine...later!


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Uprinting 250 Die cut business cards
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Oka said...

thanks for reminding me...

Natalie A. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Do you have to sign up to vote? I wasn't sure if so! I'd like to vote for you so let me know! :)
I'm sorry that you have pain with arthritis!
Have a great week!

Kmama said...

The link takes me to something I need to sign in for??

Of course they'd want to feature him, he's a DOLL.

Good luck at the doctor's appointment!!

Tammy said...

I will go and vote. I just joined Giveaway Blogs from your blog yesterday! I wanted to vote for little Drex but had to, wallah...I now belong. :)