Saturday, September 25, 2010

Digital Keychain Winner!!

I have a winner for the digital keychain from! I really love mine, it holds so many pics and you charge it on the computer making it super easy.
My internet is out again so I hope yall will take my word that I went to and let them tell me which number won. My blackberry wouldn't let me copy paste on the site.
The number picked was #16, which is......STASHA!! YAY!! Congrats Stasha!!
Doing the daily tweets pays off. I hope you like your keychain... I will be contacting you for your info soon.
Thanks to all who entered and keep coming back because I have several more to come!!
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Oka said...

NO Way This game way stacked from the very beginning. I can't believe I didn't win it for her. LMBO

Stasha said...

YAY!!! That will make a nice Christmas gift for my Mommy!

Thanks Lisa!