Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Ramblings (Where I've been)

*I remember a couple years ago I use to do a Sunday Ramblings...kinda like a weekly update, I think I'm going to get back to that. *

This past week has been so busy! I have been working and helping Kelly move into her house. She got rid of almost everything when she moved back to Arkansas and we have been going from one place to another picking up things she has either bought or someone has given her. She still needs a couch and end tables and a dining room table and she should be good to go. I hope where ever she gets them that they will be nice enough to deliver. 
I spent Friday at her house waiting on water to be turned on, we waited all day! The plan was to clean but it's hard to clean when you have no water. We decided we would make sure all the faucets were off and go pick up a bed and dresser. While we were checking faucets I discovered that a pvc pipe going to the shower was all busted up so my dad (Thank God for my dad!) came over and fixed the pipe. A few hours later still no water and we were hungry so we went right down the road to get something to eat and that's when the water co. calls and says they are on the way. Kelly told the man go ahead and turn it on because we would be back in about 10 minutes. Thank God we pulled up as soon as the water man did because when he turned the water on we found more busted pipes! It was like a mini shower under the kitchen sink and the shower had a different busted pipe than the one I had found. If the man had gotten there and turned it on before we got back it would have been a mess....worse than what it already was.
So Kel calls my cousin (she owns the place) and they had just paid  like $1600 to get the pipes fixed and they were guaranteed so she's calling them tomorrow to come back out. It was quite a day. Kelly is staying there but going to a friends to take showers. She has a big garden tub and keeps saying she wants to bathe in the tub....hoping she can soon.
I know it's hard to live with a parent when you have been out on your own and even without water I think she's happy to have her own place.

Nikki is still pregnant....she is swollen and looks like she's ready to pop. She goes to the dr Wednesday and were hoping he has dropped and she is dilating some. It's so very hot in Arkansas this year and that's not helping. If yall said a prayer it would be appreciated. :)

I think my Daisy is getting worse. :( She coughs more and today she is panting a lot. She acts fine but I know she's not in the best of health and it scares me. I have had her since she was 6 wks old and she will be 10 this Sept. That's a long time...she's a member of my family.

My nephews birthday was Fri. My mamas birthday is tomorrow! Nikki's birthday is this coming Friday. boom boom boom! If Drex would come on he could share his mamas day. That would be nice! 

I plan on scheduling some post so I best get off here and get busy.

 Yall be good!
2 giveaways coming this week!


blueviolet said...

Oh wow, you have been ultra busy! That plumbing situation is crazy!

Oka said...

I remembered earlier today that your Mama and my boy share a birthday, not sure what made that pop into mind.

Poor Kelly, although I thought those tweets were about your place the other day.

Drex will get here in due time:) I know how Nikki is struggling though. It was awful hot the summer I had my oldest. He was due July 12th. I didn't think I could make it. Then he decided to come 2 weeks early.

Brittany Ciara said...

Sending prayers Nikki's way. My little brother shares a birthday with my grandma and it always felt like the best thing! :)

Hope all continues to go well for you and yours. (:

Shell said...

You have been so busy!

How exciting that Drex could be here soon! :)

Rhonda said...

Thank goodness you were there when the water man came. Goodness I can only imagine the mess that you both would have had to clean in the house. I am happy that she has a place of her own and hopefully she will have water very soon.

Come on baby Drex! It is too hot for your mommy to still be pregnant and we, in blogland, are all ready to see you!

Happy birthday to everyone in your family that has one this month.

Give Daisy some love from me. Poor baby. Her photos are so sweet in your past blogs.