Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kids,Heat and Tomatoes....I could do without the heat!

So yesterday I was able to have lunch with Kelly. This might not mean much to some but she was 600 miles away for 7 years. I got to see her once a year...twice if I was lucky. I think there was a year I didn't see her for all year. She's staying with her daddy which is about an hour or so away. He lives closer to the most likely town where she will find a job. He also lives in the country and she's not liking that a whole lot. *snicker* She grew up in the country but I guess living in the big city for 7 years spoiled her. 

I'm just very happy she is home and I can have lunch with her.

Nikki will be 34 weeks Sunday. Her dr. said she could go part time but it would cut into her leave time for when Drex is born and she doesn't want to do that....can't say I blame her but she is pretty miserable. It has been super hot here in Arkansas and Nikki stays swelled up. I hate not being able to help.....

Can someone explain to me why they have a pregnant woman going 40 weeks? I'm not understanding it at all. We carry 9 months...right? So where did this 40 week come into play? 

Speaking of it being hot (and humid...can't leave humid out.) in Arkansas, I heard on the radio this morning it was going to be 100 degrees Saturday. It's 97 today.
It's June 2....

What's August going to be like?

*blank stare*

In 1980 we had a heat was like 2 months with no rain and the temps dropped....DROPPED to the high 90's after dark. That was a summer I will never forget. A girlfriend and I walked 2 miles to a lil country store for a coke in flip flops...melted flipflops by the time we got there. I called dad and begged asked him to please pick us up.  
We were 14 and thought we were smart...HA!

I keep thinking about tomatoes and my Aunt Mickey...every year around this time I do that. 
I love love love fresh tomatoes, give me a salt shaker and a dash of vinegar (don't even have to have the vinegar) and I could sit and eat several straight from the garden.
Tomatoes make me think about a summer day I spent canning tomatoes and tomato juice with my Aunt Mickey and memaw. If your interested you can read about that here.
That was wrote 40 months ago....seems like a very long time when put that way.

Well I best get off here and go cook supper. Britt will be surprised! I haven't been cooking much lately. We're having chicken strips, cabbage (fresh from garden), baby lima beans, mac and cheeze and maybe cornbread.



blueviolet said...

I don't really like fresh tomatoes but I LOVE them cooked and I'll bet those would taste so much better than the canned varieties!

It's so wonderful that you have Kelly nearby and I hope the time passes quickly for her. It is pretty awful at the end.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm not a fan of tomatoes, but I love me some cabbage!

Tammy said...

Glad you had a great lunch. We just planted our tomato plants on Tuesday. You could send 10 degrees to us! We are sitting at 60ish!

B Lines said...

Hmm, well I guess the longer the little boogers stay inside, the healthier they are? I feel bad for Nikki in this heat. It's a killer for a prenant woman.

LOVE me some fresh maters. Cabbage I can do without...;) We have twelve tomato plants and they are just now getting some little tomatoes.

Evonne said...

I'm glad you were able to get together for lunch.

My son was born in late July during a heat wave of 90+. I can relate to how she feels and it stinks!

I can't wait to get fresh tomatoes from my MIL's garden! Just add some salt and I can eat them like an apple!

Kmama said...

Mmm. Your dinner sound fabulous.

I can't imagine that heat.

Oka said...

oh oh oh oh, I can explain it. 40 weeks is the normal gestational period for a human baby. The term nine months is a misdirect based on how we count months. We need to remember most months are longer than 4 weeks. Those extra 2-3 days add up over time, making the "9 months" equal 40weeks.

I am glad she is back home. She'll get used to the country again.

34 weeks, wow the next 6 weeks are going to go quick for you (not so much her).

*LLUVIA* said...

I was going for 42 weeks, but an ultrasound showed that my baby was running out of that fluid around her, so she had to come out that same day! She was born a day after she was, yeah, the full 40 weeks for me!

DCHY said...

Oka got it right about the 40 weeks in 9 months. We tend to think a month as having 4 weeks but you have only 7 days in a week and a month has 30 days on average. Yep, carry over the extra 2 days 9 times and you have extra two weeks. ;)

I remember how my wife ballooned up with our second girl. She could not wait to get her out. Not much you can do for Nikki, but you sure can lend a comforting company or hug or smile...

Enjoy your time with Kelly!

Rhonda said...

I always enjoy reading your blogs. You have such a way about you in sharing your thoughts about your family that just makes me smile. I am happy that you have Kelly so much closer now. It must be a wonderful feeling for the both of you. Poor Nikki, I feel for her. I know what it is like to be so swollen in such hot weather. It won't be long now. Tell her to hang in there. Your story of the heat and the flip flops cracked me up. When we are that age we think that we can conquer the world, don't we? Lindsay is my little tomato lover here. She eats them as if they were apples and can't get enough of them in the summertime. We were so disappointed to find that none of our tomato seeds that we planted made it. There will be no tomatoes for us this year and the store bought ones can't come close to the home grown ones. Ok I am gonna end this. I just had so much to say about this blog. I loved it. LOL!

furygirl3132 said...

Not really a big fan of tomatoes, but this sounds really good!
I am a new follower from Friday Follow, I look forward to reading more of your great blog.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!