Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1. Sunday was my mamas birthday. I was in Mississippi that day and didn't get to hug her. Last Thursday was my nephew Jonathans birthday, he turned a big 7! This Thursday is my first born childs birthday. She will be 26.

,, 26
that makes me feel older. I still s
ee her in the carseat riding down the road at 2 singing Like a Virgin (yeah good song for my baby huh) and she LOVED Michael Jackson's Thriller. Her little face would be so serious waiting to hear the "scary parts."

2. I went to clean a house and the lady was in the hospital (I'm praying for you Carol) and her husband was in meetings so I couldn't get in...so I lost $ BUT I called the ladies I was suppose to clean for tomorrow and cleaned them today which means I'M OFF TOMORROW AND THURSDAY!

3. I was sent an email from this place I signed up for to do reviews on products. You blog about the product and they send you free stuff! The better news is they ask if I'd be interested in having a giveaway with their product....WELL YES! That means hopefully soon I'll be having a giveaway with a new product and you can maybe win and try it too.

4. We went on a short vacation. Drove up LA. into MS and stayed in Gulf Shores AL. We went riding the first night checking out how the "rich" live and crossed over into FL. In AL we went to the Battleship and submarine in Mobile. It was pretty interesting but if I never get into another submarine it will be OK with me. How in the world do those sailors live like that? It is so compact and the doors so small and I am so claustrophobic! Good thing they aren't reallllly long or I might have had to have oxygen. Britt didn't know though...I was ahead of them,moving fast.
We also went to the Vicksburg National Military Park. I highly recommend this place. Especially if your into the Civil War.... (Myk). The cemetery had 17000 people in it and 13000 were unknown soldiers.

5. While in FL I bought a new pair of shorts. I normally don't do shorts very often but these were cute and it's HOT in FL... well anyway, I took 2 sizes into the dressing room and I LOST A SIZE! YES all that walking is paying off.

6. I still have to do my book review so I'll be having a giveaway with that also. Can't say any more or I want be having a review. Shhhhh

7. Daisy stayed at Nikkis while we were gone. I can't believe how much I love that d-o-g. Nikki said I never ask about her when I'd call and she was my first born and I loved her best. Those were her words. So I texted her one night and here's our conversation.

me: How are you and Klaun and Gauge and Bettie? (Gauge and Bettie are their dogs)

Her: Were fine, thank you.

me: That's good. (wondering when she's going to mention Daisy)

....waiting....waiting... growing impatient.

Me: Ummmm Daisy?

..... waiting....waiting.....Grrrrrr

Me: Britt wants to know how Daisy is doing?

Her: I knew that's what you care about. I'm taking her to mams and letting Blondie eat her!

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Kid is a nut! Mam is my mom and Blondie is my mom's...ok my dad's psycho chihuahua. Her and Daisy grew up together and were best friends then Blondie went nuts and hates Daisy. Can you imagine that?

8. I was home about 30 miutes and Nikki met me at Wal hel..I mean mart with Daisy. I drove Britts truck and it gets up and goes without you realizing it and a trooper passed me. When one passes me I automatically look in the rear view mirror for brake lights...You know you do too. ANDDDD his were on, Yep he pulled me over. I was very lucky though cause he just gave me a warning, I just knew I was going to get a speeding ticket because of how Dasy was acting. You would have thought she was a pit or something ferocious! I still thank you officer unintelligible handwriting.

9. Kelly texted me this morning and said she had won the weight loss thing for the week(I think) at her job. Lil booger won $47, I would lose more if someone paid me! YOU GO GIRLY!!

10. I think I had 3 thoughts in my first one so I'll just add that as my 10th thought.

:) Have a great night!!