Saturday, June 20, 2009


I entered a swap a while back at Shannons place. It was a hometown swap, you send and receive something from anothers hometown. I sent mine to the Lawrences in AZ via NM, I forgot to take a pic but everyone who knows me should know what she got from Arkansas! I got a great box from Denise in TN.

The T cup has been used EVERY day since I got it. I'm bringing the gummis to my SS class tomorrow to share with my lil 4 and 5 year olds. The cookbook is still by my chair, I keep looking and finding newe receipes to cook. The T cup had jolly ranchers in it! YUM!!!! I think they are about gone. OH and the bbq sauce I am just waiting to try. I LOVE bbq anything and my waters thinking about it.

Thank you so much Denise!!!


Shannon said...

Looks like a great representation of East TN!

Thanks for participating in the swap... hope you enjoy your goodies!

Tranquility said...

Great box of goodies!