Monday, February 1, 2010

License and registration please....


Tell us about a time you got pulled over.

If there are too many times to chose just one,
slow the f down give us a list of your top 5.

If you've never been pulled over (seriously?!),
tell us what you've done in your car that could get you pulled over!
(didn't mean that to sound so racy!)

If you're a goody two-shoes to the nth degree,
tell us a funny story involving a car!

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I'm going to give a list of 5...I really think that is all of the times I got pulled over....5 only, really.

1. I was working late and had to be at a birthday party at 5pm. I was going 55 on a 35mph street,I saw those flashing lights and was terrified. I was shaking SO bad. I got a ticket on that one...a large ticket. They don't like you going 20 miles over the limit for some reason....

2. I had a friend who had a daughter who NEVER sat in a carseat or seatbelt. I said ok just this once but you better stay down. (STUPID on my part in so many ways) Music was loud,we were talking and laughing and again there's those flashing lights. He talked to me....not so nice....her mama,even more rude (not that I blame him) and then had a talk with the child. Got off with a warning.

3. SAME street...different cop...same kid,unbuckled...I didn't know this time. Another warning and I told the kid You will NEVER go any where with me again if you can't learn to wear a belt..... never had another problem with her...she's now married and expecting her first,hope she buckles it up!

4. 3am roads are deserted,just got off work and taking a friend home. Light turns yellow,in a semi-bad part of other cars 'cept for one coming toward me...I run the light. Car coming toward me? Yep it was a cop. He turns around,gets behind me and turns on his lights. Remember bad part of town...I turn flashers on and make him follow me a mile down the road...ok maybe 2 miles and pull into a 7-11 where there is a light. First thing out of his mouth was "why didn't you pull over when I first turned my lights on?' I said " Because it was dark and I knew 7-11 was right up the road."  I was in my moms car,couldn't find proof of insurance...or registration, had sorta kinda in a slow way ran from the cop. I was a warning. :)
(We no longer have 7-11's here)

5. This past summer we got back from Florida and I went to town to meet Nikki to get Daisy in my husbands truck. Which is powerful...I feel like a big girl driving it. I get my d-o-g and on the way home a trooper passes me..soon as he does I look in mirror and see brake lights,look at speed and was going 63 in a 55. Big trooper comes up,wants to know if I knew I was speeding. I told him "Yes sir cause when you passed me and stepped on your brakes I looked and knew you were coming to get me." and then explained... "This is my husbands truck,I'm not use to driving it and it has a lot more power than my car." He ask me to slow down and gave me a warning!

5 stops and 1 ticket...not to bad,not bragging tho cause I'll get stopped and get one tomorrow for bragging. OK I'm outta here....
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Shell said...

I would be so annoyed at the car seat thing!

Love the new look of your blog!

gayle said...

You were very lucky!!

Oka said...

I understand carseats, and have no trouble with them until recently. It has been law forever that 4lbs or 4 years old and a booster seat was optional. This past fall they made it law, booster until nine years old here. Sometimes I still forget :(

And there is no law that says you have to pull over immediately. Many agencies tell you to pull into a place with lots of people or even a police station.

Scentsy said...

Having a Mini Cooper, it seems we get pulled over for everything. They are so much fun you can't help but drive in a way that attracts attention. :)

Fun FREE Giveaways said...

I really like the look of your blog too.

Evonne said...

You were very lucky! Just don't push it - lol!

I was always told to put your signal/flashers on and pull into a well lit area. I guess that cop didn't know that rule!

Emmy said...

Wow! You are lucky you got so many warnings only. You must charm those cops. :)
I have only been pulled over once.. my first week for work, working for the state, driving a state vehicle, with my boss in the car... yeah not so much fun.

Janie B said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog and just had to be a follower. I'm also from AR, have 2 grown daughters and one grandson. You will love being a grandmother. There's nothing like it.
Hope you'll come visit my blog.

Tammy said...

I have never been pulled over ever! I guess I am a goody two shoes!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about turning on your flashers and pulling into a well lit place.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I'm surprised you got off with a warning so many times... particularly for the car seat violations! I don't think that would fly nowadays.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Tracie said...

The car seat thing is crazy!!!

Five pull-overs and only one ticket isn't that bad at all!