Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pillows..test results and salmon patties AND NEW FOLLOWERS! AKA Ramblings.

I am almost finished with 2 pillow orders....well one is for Kelly but she did order it.

This was is STILL waiting for mw to stuff it.. Can you see what's wrong with it? It's for Nikki's friend and she's a little quirky so I don't think she'll mind.

Still have a ways to go with Kel's but it's getting there. I am not happy with the white background though. Now to figure out what color for the actual pillow...I'm thinking a solid color since the letters are multi-colored.

Dr. called late yesterday evening and said arthritis in hips....:P
He wants to do an MRI on the 25th and said lab results should be back then also.
He says we'll talk about options on arthritis,fibromyalgia and whatever lab results say then. 

I made salmon patties for the first time last night...they were really good. Today I had a salmon patty on a bun with a bit of mayo and some tangy apricot chipolte sauce....OMW! It was so good!
I read several recipes for the patties and used what I liked in all of them to make my own.

Salmon Patties
1 can salmon (I used chicken of the sea)
Green onions-chopped
2 eggs
about a cup of bread crumbs (I smushed up some croutons)
pepper...lots of black pepper.

flake the salmon up and then add all ingreds except corn meal.
make patties and coat both sides in the cornmeal.
fry until golden brown.

We had fried potatoes, beans and coleslaw with it last night but I enjoyed the sandwich best. 
I love fish sandwiches.

Have you tried fish tacos?
Are they good?

I have new followers!
Hi and thanks for following...I promise to get back to you and return the favor soon!!

I remember when I first moved to blogger I was so disappointed in not having friends. Blogger does things different than what I was use to and it has taken some time to build it up but I am so happy you guys follow and read my daily every other day thinkings and such.

If I follow you and I don't have your button on the right then let me know so I can go grab it!


Oka said...

You don't have my button...but that may because I don't have one yet. It's in the works...I think. LOL

How about a bright blue for the pillow?

I wish I could eat seafood, supposed to be healthy for you. When ever I smell it, I have to stop myself from puking :(

carma said...

arthritis in the hips - booo :-( but the pillows are lovely. Keep on keepin' on and show that arthritis whose boss :D

Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear about the arthritis in the hips. :0(
Your pillows are so cute! You are always so crafty.
I love a good fish patty sandwich with a little tartar sauce. MMM! You are making me hungry!

gayle said...

Love the pillows!!Solid color will look great with the 2nd one.
My hips have been bothering me lately. I have been thinking it's weight related. Can they do tests for arthritis and fibromyalgia now? Several years ago the doctor said I had fibromyalgia and I felt terrible and then 3 or 4 "Thin" years went by and I felt great...and now I am feeling and looking Fat and like the fibromyalgia is back or arthritis or something.