Sunday, February 7, 2010

Past and recent blog awards...for me...AWWWwwwwwww

I have gotten some love! I got some from Shell a month or so ago and ...well....I'm just not getting around to it. Sorry...I seem to stay behind.
I think I also got some from someone else and.....I don't remember who it was....My mind is bad and I apologize......if you remember giving me some....let me know and I will acknowledge it and you!
I woke up this morning to some more love from Shell....*big smile*
So Here gores me acknowledging them the best way I know how.
Although if I'm ever blessed with more I would like to share like Shell does,she's too sweet with her awards.

Shell sent this award this morning....I think she is pretty awesome and wish yall would go visit her and enter her giveaway...everyone loves free stuff so GO!

Because Shell is a rebel and does things her way I had to go to someone elses blog to get the instructions on this award...
This award comes with instructions to tell you 5 things I like to do and then pass it along to 5 deserving bloggers.

1. I love to spend time with my girls. Especially when we are just sitting around talking. Many laughs are a guarantee!

2. I love to read...I will read anything. I just finished 2 books that I really didn't care for because I had no other thing to read.

3. I love to eat Mexican food. This is my favorite food ever.

4. I love to work in the yard...I have been hurting lately because of the cold and hate it cause the leaves need raking. 

5. I love to blog and wish I had more time so I could get a good blog in every day.
I'm sending this award to:

Have fun with it and I hope to be forgiven for the loss of memory on the other awards...


blueviolet said...

Congratulations!!! I wish I had your love for yardwork and gardening. Boy, could my lawn use the help!

Oka said...

This stuff is so new to me, I don't understand it all... Thank You for such a nice compliment though Lisa.

The Mommyologist said...

Congrats on your award and thank you so much for helping me achieve 200 followers tonight!! Going to follow you back right now!

gayle said...

Oh thank you thank you!! I was shocked when I saw my name and then I had to check it out! I am just exactely like you except I don't like yard work. Congrats!!

Rhonda said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much for the award. I love it, Lisa!

SupahMommy said...

congrats on your awardies!!!


CalgaryDaddy said...

I love that pic of the puppy! Just found your site and I am glad I did! Following for sure now!


Tammy said...

Thanks girl! I love the award. I will get it up on the blog this week! :)