Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I meant to say and MY "BUFF"ON. Smushed into one blog because I'm LAZY tonight!

It's my first time to link up with Chief and play What I meant to say...
Sooo you go click that button up there and play along too!

 I went to clean my first house of the week and she had new laminate floors that came with a new mop that kept flipping over every time I pushed it and drove me batty!
She ask "Did you like the new mop,I figured you would love it!"
I said " It's ok...I guess I'm old fashioned I do like the old ones nest."

What I meant to say ..... I hate that stupid mop! With every push it would flip over and a mop job that should have lasted 5 minutes lasted way longer...please throw that piece of crap away!

Lunch dates

While at the same house as above and having another one right after it I got 2 phone calls asking if I would like to go have a restaurant... in stead of eating the bologna sandwich I brought to eat on the way to the 2nd house so I wouldn't be late.
I said "I better not it will make me late and I hate that."

What I meant to say was heck ya we can all 3 go together and who cares if I'm late....I own this business!"

No water?

Today I wak in the house of the day and am met with dishes EVERYWHERE! Lady of the house says "There's no water in the kitchen...can you clean backwards and hopefully they can unstop the sink by the time you get in here?"
I said *insert blank stare* *sigh* "ok I guess so."

What I meant to say...."Ummm no sorry, I can clean everything but the kitchen today and still get the full amount."

But I didn't because she is the sweetest person and it was a little more work...ok a lot actually and I hurt all over but what the heck was I to do! 

Last but not least!
and I better get credit for adding this onto Chiefs meme...

MY "BUFF"on!

First let me say I hated it when I heard we were doing this...I use to love learning this stuff but lately...notsomuch.
SO when Supah said "You have to make your own "BUFF"on for this weeks challenge (that would be #2) I said "ok I can do problem...not a big one...*headache*

What I meant to say was.... NOooo! This is Amber's type of thing...I don't wanna. (you know pout like a kid) I'm not good at this. I say I wanna do it myself but it's a lie I want someone else to do it!

But I buckled down and did it myself....and that's why I won't be winning this week either. :)

OK Now I think I'm suppose to represent myself...
It's true I am a Sunday school teacher and I am loving and kind and hate to hurt feelings and all that good stuff...
When I want something I will go for it! I will stomp your toes.... and later ask you to forgive me. :)
My island mates (the HEROES) are like my children (and not because they are all mostly younger than me...shut up!) and when I am pushed where my kids are concerned watch out! 

I don't know why it went to the side...I don't care right now! Idols on! I'll be back to visit!


Amber said...

yay go heroes! :)

Oka said...


I think it's great you know when to be nice and when to stomp on someone. Both important character traits :D

Shell said...

Love it! You are beautiful, lady!

Go, heroes!!!

CountessLaurie said...

Visiting from Chief's. Nice button! I love how you incorporated it into your WIMTSW!

Well played, Hero :-)

SupahMommy said...

THat is AWESOME! I LOVE THE FIRE AND THE BLINKY skull and crossbones !

watch out .. sunday school sistah is on the loose!

I'm so proud of you for getting this !


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay you had me fooled... no I'm going to watch out!!! heheheehe!

Nice button!

Brittney said...

i think it looks great!!! (much better than what i could have done, but im not playin lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the skull and crossbones!

Sunday said...

HA! I too was a Sunday School teacher up until a year ago.
Great button!

Anonymous said...

Great job on trying something new!
*note to remember* watch my toes :D

Anonymous said...

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carma said...

It cracks my husband up - because I am normally very reserved but when I want something - get the heck outta my way!!!

Wasn't today your dr. apt? Hope it went well...

Tammy said...

Lisa...I'm older than you! lol

Love your look so young girl! :) Thank goodness for Amber cause she came to my rescue yesterday afternoon. Whew!

Kat said...

Very cute button!

Kmama said...

Cute buff-on! LOL

You turned down two requests for lunch? That's some serious dedication!!

gayle said...

Great job!! I can't do snything!!

Mrs4444 said...

Grabbed your button! :)