Friday, February 12, 2010

Heroes LOVE Harv!

In case you haven't noticed I'm playing one of the heroes on Supah's Island!
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I'm playing JT, he's probably the youngest player on Survivor and he's from Alabama...a country boy!
I loved him and rooted for him when he won a few seasons ago and thanks to Shell for letting me pick him....she was one ahead of me and picked Cirie.

So today we got our first was to make a valentine card and write a poem to Harv Spitenstein...he's our Jeff is on Survivor.
He's down in the dumps and we have to lift his spirits!
Heroes need immunity so we hope one of our cards wins!!!!

This is the front of mine.

Here's the can't read the poem but that's ok cause I'm suppose to copy it in the blog. The little flap lifts up for a surprise for Harv!

OK Here is my poem...remember I am not a poet!

Instead of being sad
I wish you could be
Just know the HEROES love you
and we hope you love us too!
Unlike the villans...who practice voodoo!

Don't forget to watch Survivor on Thursday night and root for JT!


SupahMommy said...

so pretty !!

voodoo .. funny

* i am not judging so i can comment !


Oka said...

villains and voodoo huh? LOL

Love the valentine

Shell said...

I love your poem! It's the best! Woohoo- go heroes! :)

You just made my choice easier. Of the people who were left when it was my turn, the only two I wanted were Cirie and JT.

carma said...

Wow...he's mighty fine!

Tammy said...

Very nice girl! I hope we win immunity! I haven't posted mine yet but it's in the mail.

I have an award for you on my blog! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!!

Amber said...

That so cute!

Go Heroes! :)

Jessica Jones said...

Looks like the Hero's are kicking butts and taking names!

woo hoo

I did not read the part abut hvaing to put my peom on he blog...sigh going back to do that no


Tina said... I really THIS out of the loop.
I've gotta go read about Suprah's Island.

The Grasshoppa said...

Oh I am so in love with JT and i think he should totally hook up with Suga. Don't you think?

Adoption of Jane said...

Ya talkin about me huh? huh? I'll show you some Villan Voodoo... just kidding (sorta), stop crying.. love your card!