Monday, November 8, 2010

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. Drex is staying all night. He's lying beside me sleeping right now....that's a great feeling.
2. Kelly is sick. Even though she's grown I still feel helpless and hope she feels much better soon.
3. Seems like the drama in my family is never gonna end. I remember when we NEVER had drama. I hate it! I don't get involved but it still makes my stomach hurt. 4. Drex gets his 2 shots Wednesday...that makes my stomach hurt too.
5. Last Thursday I had something happen that disappointed me so bad. Because of it I'm quitting a house I've been cleaning for almost 6 years. Still deciding on if I wanna post about it or not.
7. Might be a good post for Shell's Pour your heart out....hmmm
8. I'm making my hidden honey a hot pink and black scarf. Hoping she likes it as well as I do.
9. Looks like I won't be going on our annual Ladies Christmas trip to Branson this year. Moneys a little...lot tight.
10. I promise to get around and comment friends who have pop up comment boxes!

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Oka said...

Show me a family who has no drama, and I'll prove they have more drama than you can imagine.

Hope Kelly starts to feel better quick.

Hate that you had to be disappointed.

Stasha said...

When can I expect my scarf? LOL ;)

Have fun with the baby!

Hope Kelly feels better soon!

Every family has drama, some more than others, unfortunately :(

Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear that Kelly is not feeling well. I sure hope that she gets better soon.

I'm not sure what is going on at the house that you were cleaning, but 6 years is a long time. I'm sorry to hear that there are problems there.

Honey, our Thanksgiving is ruined because of drama in my family. I hate it, hate it, hate it! This will be the first Thanksgiving in 43 years that my family will not all be together. I know how ya feel and I am so sorry.

Oooh a pink and black scarf! It sounds so chic. I hope that we get to see a photo of it when you are done.

Sorry that you don't get to do the ladies trip this year for Christmas. Money is just tight everywhere this year. :0(

Give little man a kiss for me.

Belinda said...

I understand drama, whether it's work or family. Can't post about it here, but last year, I had a pretty bad episode with the family, so I understand.
Try to focus on Drex and remember that sometimes God allows unhappy things to happen, so you will MOVE in the direction He wants. Just a thought.
Good luck!

Kmama said...

Sounds like it's been a rough few days. (HUGS). I hope things turn around and that Kelly feels better.

Hug that little's apt to make you feel better!

Shell said...

I like the scarf! :)

Hope Drex's shots go well.

Sorry about the house you had to quit.