Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten Thought Tuesday

1. I quit the house today and feel relief that its over.

2 making homemade lasagna for supper......yum

3 having sourdough bread with it!

4 I have a love hate relationship with Glen Beck

5 tonight I will start my niece, Kennedy, hat for Christmas....with fun fur!

6 I've never knitted with fun fur and am excited about it....I'm not sure how to feel about being excited about knitting. :/

7 tonight we are watching Up in the air with George Clooney, hope its entertaining. I'm so tired of nothing being on tv.

8 I love netflix

9 Drex is feeling better, he smiled and laughed a lot today when I went to see him.

10 my back hurts! That's a new pic of Chevy. He is so little when you put him by Drex. Going to check my food. Yall have a wonderlicious night.

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Oka said...

We had homemade pizza:D

I bet a huge relief came to you once you were done with quitting.

Stasha said...

I bet the relief you felt with quitting was like a weight being lifted!

I will take a helping of lasagna!

Glad Drex is feeling better!

Kmama said...

Sorry about your back...but glad Drex is feeling better. Your white, center column still isn't loading for me, so it's still hard to read your blog. (just an FYI)

DCHY said...

I saw Up In The Air. I enjoyed Clooney in there as well as his young female lead and his romantic interest. You'll enjoy it.

Angie said...

I am sure you are so relieved to having quit the house. So glad Drex is feeling better!

Rhonda said...

Happy to hear that the weight has been lifted from your shoulders. I have been thinking about you and said some prayers.

Lasagna sounds so yummy! I love pasta. I think that is why my hips nd my butt keep spreading. LOL!

So glad to hear that Drex is feeling better.

I love Netflix too! It has become a great resource for our homeschool.