Thursday, March 14, 2013

 I have had this blog on my mind for over a week! I miss blogging, between work, crocheting and family I just haven't made time for blogging in almost a year! I'm hoping to do better, especially since I'm finding out just how easy it is to blog from my phone . here's some pictures of some of my hats, I started crocheting and it has grown from there. I've not gone without orders since August of last year. I feel very blessed to be able to do something I enjoy and make money from it.
 of course I couldn't do a post without a picture if , he will be 3 in July. Time sure flies when your having fun and staying busy. Hopefully I haven't lost everyone of my friends. I have a few of you on my Facebook and would love it if you liked my crochet Facebook too if you would like. you can find me here- my plan is to get back to my blogging, commenting on yall's posts and renewing friendships.have a wonderful evening, morning or night!Lisa