Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pink Tomato Festival

Last night we took Drex to the Pink Tomato Festival. If you've ever heard of Bradley county tomatoes that us what the festival is about. Its been going on for years, hubby said he remembers going when he was the same age as Drex and that was......well a few years ago!

Drex wanted to ride everything. He rode the rides all by himself except for the merry go round. I was scared he would fall off when it started going up and down so I rode with him. His papa videoed us you can heart Drex laughing so hard. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as he did!

He seen the screamer and wanted on it....I don't even get on that crazy thing.

We are going to Silver Dollar City in a couple weeks and watching him enjoy his self so much last night let's us know he's going to like SDC.

Before going I wanted to say thanks to every one who entered the Shabby Apple giveaway! I really appreciate it

Are you and your family going on vacation this year? Where are you going? Is really like to know. :)

For more info on the Pink Tomato Festival or Silver Dollar City click the links

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Oka said...

We are just taking the trips to see family this year, currently in Michigan and we will soon be heading to SC. Next spring we will be going to Florida.