Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life Goes By WAY To Fast!

In a few hours Drex will be one month old...seems impossible. He is such a sweet baby and very good. He sleeps good...although his mama might not agree always. I love how he can hear your voice and will turn his little head to find you. I have a ton of 1 month pics and you can see them on his blog HERE.
I will post a teaser though

ALlso I'm one of Tammy's FROGS! Check it out!


Oka said...

Love the onesie :D

Kmama said...

One month, already??? Wow!! He's such a cutie pie.

Evonne said...

Wow! Time flies!

He is so cute!

Belinda said...

Yes, they grow so quickly it's really alarming sometimes. Our little man is over 3 months old now and I can hardly stand it. But he's really getting fun to play with.

Chelle said...

Oh, honey, he is so adorable! They grow way too fast!