Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I really hate that I look goofy in hats. I see so many Id love to make and wear. I've been super busy making them for other people though. Above....where ever blogger droid inserted my pictures are some I've made recently. The lil pink one is the first I've made with a brim around it. Its going to a special little girl who is turning one. The puppy I made for Drex not to long ago, the gray with flower is for sale, its a tester so its marked down and the flip flops are mine!
Of course I couldn't leave a Recent pic of Drex out. Hes getting so big. He wanted to take Mickey home with him. Looks terrified in this pic but its just because that mouse had a big head and it was hard for him to get a grip on Drex.
I'm not even sure how many of you are even still reading my blog...when I post, but thanks for hanging in there.

Please keep my cousin Kathy in your prayers. Its been over a month now since any one has heard from her. (The story is in previous post)


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