Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FINALLY finished my chairs...and I love them!

These are in my sunroom and I want it to be bright and colorful....plus I almost hate these chairs.

Sorry it's sideways...I forgot to change it. I love this chair now. I fund the old feedsack at a yard sale for fifty cents....Then I put it on upside down....and its hot glued.

This looks different but it's the same paint just a different day inside and gloomy. This seat cover is an old feedsack also but it was either blank or so old the lettering was rubbed off but thats ok cause I had other plans for it.

I painted out name and date we got married with some doodles and such and washed it in hot water to hopefully get that wore out look....it worked! The hardest part of this was sewing each little fabric piece on, my poor fingers got sooo tired and started cramping up. 

So there's my chairs. They are happy now and not all dark gloomy castle looking.


Rhonda said...

These look amazing! You are so talented.