Sunday, January 24, 2010

ALL ABOUT MEme MONDAY: Dealbreakers.

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy


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This week we want you to share with us your own personal experiences with
" dealbreakers."    You don't have to be a 30 Rock Fan to know what DealBreaker is!  

Example:  You know that hot man candy  dude who took of his shirt at the beach when you were 23-  only to reveal a DEALBREAKER kermit the frog tattoo or rampant wolf like back hair?       
* collective gasp with a side of  shudder....

Yah.  Those.

 A.   List of your top 5  relationship dealbreakers. ( friend, family,  in laws, etc) 


B.  Tell us about a time you experienced a DealBreaker.

You remember how this works right?  Think on it.  Write a post.  Come back on Monday and link up !

I'm choosing the top 5 deal breakers with a relationship...although you would never get into the relationship phase with these deal breakers.

#1 When I was single I went out with this guy that I thought was pretty cool...until we were at a stop light and he turned the light inside the truck on and he had the dirtiest ears I have ever seen! Q-tips do not cost that much money people!

#2  Teeth.... I'm sorry but everybody can afford a toothbrush,surely.

#3 Grown man,don't have a car and living with mama while I worked 60+ hours a week with 2 kids and my own place? 
Not interested.

#4 I dated a guy for a couple months before that every time we would go out to eat he would say "What do I want?" 
Well....I don't know!  and his reply would always be "Well isn't that what wives and girlfriends do? Tell you what to eat and where to go all the time?"
Yeah I wanted to tell him where to go.

#5 Drugs.

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Shell said...

Gross, gross, gross on the ears! I'm obsessive about cleaning mine because I can't stand ear wax. I use at least 3 q-tips a day.

Evonne said...

The ears - that's just gross! It's really not that hard to clean your ears.

Oka said...

Number 5 would be my #1.

Gross about the ears, did you step out of the vehicle at the light????

Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh man that picture is killing me!!!!!
Run over to the jungle..left ya something!

gayle said...

The ears...I would have gotten sick!