Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blah blah blah blah blah..…Tuesday thoughts

Our internet resets friday… do you know how long it is going to take for Friday to get here? I have been running my battery on the bb down dead trying to check out everyones dealbreakers. I commented on the ones I coud comment on and … well didn't on the others. There was a couple that I tried to comment on and I don't know if they went thru or not.

I'm debating on if I wanna get another broadband card or not but that would mean another contract. I despise companies that want a new contract every time you wanna do something.

There is nothing on tv tonight. AI tomorrow and it won't be long before Survivor comes on!!! Britt is watching tennis right now.

Yesterday at church wa sad and happy. I had 2 different 5 year old bus riders treat me in totally different ways. One told me "you shut your mouth" excuse me? I cannot stand a smart mouth little kid. I try to think of what his home life is like to make him talk to an adult like that and that nakes ne wanna go whip his mama. I know.... Real christian like huh?

The other 5 year old just looked at me and said ".Miss Lisa, your pretty" awwww he is sweet and comes from the same neighborhood as the other...(Which is not a good hood) what's wrong with this picture. I should probably pay more attention to the first kid....seems he needs it. Not that I wouldn't pay attention to the sweeter one.

I sat with Nikki today for awhile and her bump is getting big!!!I would put a pic on here but don't know how. Anyone know how to add one with the bb?

My Daisy has hurt her little toe and is hopping around on 3 feet. I feel sorry for her, she keeps falling on the kitchen floor.
Ok this is about all I can do on this baby keyboard.Later!


Oka said...

Poor lil pup. Hopefully her toe heals quickly. Mimi is bad about stuff like, she would keep licking the area that hurts and make it worse.

Sawy, I don't have any type of smart phone, let alone a BB. I have no clue how to add pictures.

I would hate your broadband. It'd be hard to run your Esty store running out of internet time. UGH
I don't use the phone for internet, so I need my internet connection.

Hope Nikki is enjoying her pregnancy.


Trac~ said...

Awwww.. sorry to hear about the smart mouth little one - but you're right - sounds like he needs a lot of attention outside of his home life for sure! Glad you didn't take it personally. Sorry to hear about the pup - I hope she feels better soon.

I have a bb and could help you with adding the picture - what I did with my pictures (and I'm sure there's an easier way then this) but I just emailed the picture to myself, saved it on my computer and then added it to my blog - wah lah! :o) Hope that helps!

Your broadband really sucks - I hate slowwwwwwwwwww computers! Good luck!

Hugs! Trac~ :o)

Rhonda said...

I am hoping that the week passes quickly for you so that you have that internet back soon. I wold be so lost without my internet. I think that if the girls didn't use it for their schoolwork then maybe I could survive, but I know that I would miss it.

I do not like a smart mouth kid either, but I blame it all on the parents and not the child. When I was teaching at the mini school I was shocked at some of the things that my 3 yr old class would come up with, but then when I would meet some of their parents...well...that would explain everything.

I can't wait to see pictures of Nikki! I am just so excited that you are gonna be a grandma! You are gonna have so much fun with a new baby around. I am patiently waiting for my day, but it will be awhile longer for me. My girls are still way too young.

Take care of Miss Daisy. Poor baby, when I see her in some of those pictures my heart just goes out to her. She is too sweet.

Have a great day my friend.