Thursday, January 7, 2010


1. It is so cold today. I want to go check the mail but don't want to walk to the mailbox.

2. Yesterday I hurt all over, been like that since it's gotten cold. Friends tell me arthritis.... if this is true Arthur is not my friend and I'm only 43 and this sucks.

3. I got my wii yesterday,I know what people mean when they talk about wii arm now. I kicked butt in boxing but not so good in baseball. Maybe I should wear my glasses so I can see how close those balls are to me.

4. I got new glasses in August and had to pay full price. The Dr. says he'll send me a reminder in Dec to come and get another pair when it's time for my insurance to pay for some. So, I go yesterday to get my "free" pair and they end up costing me $87! Is that what free means these days?

5. OK they would have been free if I had not gotten the no line bifocal. I don't want lines. I don't even want glasses  and I have 20/20 vision! My muscles are tired and don't want to swiutch back and forth so I wear bifocals with 20/20 vision...... bleh!

6. I really need to do a review on Faces in the Fire by T.L. Hines but not today.... maybe tomorrow. Good book even if the chapters were crazy.

7. I'm half way to 13 and I go blank.....

8. I haven't done any crafting, sewing,painting...nothing but reading mostly. Maybe that is why I feel so blah lately. I would like a warmer day where I can go outside and do something...or nothing but breathe fresh air and walk.

9. Don't forget the book giveaway. If you are a reader this is a must read book. I really enjoyed it.

10 Also the cereal coupons giveaway. people this is free cereal and not that yucky kind that starts with a K. Up to $6 off any size General Mills cereal. You can't beat that!

11. I need to get an appointment for my Daisy Monday. The vet wants her on some heart meds and hopefully with that and the fluid pills she will feel better.

12. I really have to get to moving and lose all this junk I have accumulated over the Holidays. I seemed to think that from Thanksgiving until New Years was calorie free eating! Well it wasn't and I can see every where those calories went.

13. It's back to work the cold. Unless the freezing rain happens then I'm staying in and being safe. I hope it doesn't freeze though because that might mena no electricity and it's just no fun when the electric goes out.

Y'all stay warm!!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I loved the number 7. That is hysterical...I'm going blank.

Shell said...

I totally suck at wii baseball. Love boxing, but I get sore! wii-injuries!

Trac~ said...

I love your list! So cute! I know what you mean about the H1N1 shots being shown all over tv - I HATE those and close my eyes each time -LOL I love your list - such a neat idea! :o)

gayle said...

I have the Wii and the Wii Fit is awesome!! Boxing really gives me a work out but I can't do any of the others..never was good at sports!!

carma said...

maybe it's fibromyalgia and not arthritis - not that I'm a doctor - but if it is all over it may be that. I get the same way in the cold weather. Um yeah, glasses NOT so free. It always ends up like that :-(

Tammy said...

I just went and picked up my new glasses yesterday...they are a little stronger and I had a huge headache this morning. How are you guys doing down there? I heard there were 3 tornados in the state and of course I worried you were okay!