Saturday, January 9, 2010

SLOPPY SECONDS: Memories from back in da day.

This is a repost from way back in 2006 when I first started blogging over at Yahoo 360.


When I was growing up we would have alot of our Birthday parties at the park. They had this big tall rocket there that you would climb up several sections to get to the slide which seemed HUGE when I was little.
 They had the merry go round that I think we have all fallen off of during a party, No matter how fast we got it to going someone would always have to try and push faster and end up with skint knees, palms and sometimes busted heads. 
There was this covered wagon that was the monkey bar thingy. Well all the bars made it look like a covered wagon... This is where my cousin Anita (you met her in a past blog, the one I snuck out with) told me and some other younger cousins that if we ate a watermelon seed we would grow a watermelon in our stomach. Anita was older than us so we thought she knew what she was talking about.
 We always had watermelons at the parties and for years we would clean out all the seeds before we'd dare eat some watermelon.

That memory got me to thinking of all the things that adults (usually) would tell us to see how'd we react.
 Like pepaw telling us we couldn't drink coffee cause it would turn our legs black and on girls it would make hair grow on our chest.
 Pepaw said it so it must be true.

Someone said swallowing gum was bad cause it would stay in your stomach for 7 years, I didn't care, I still swallow my gum.

*update 1-9-10 I don't swallow my gum any more, I don't even chew it any more.*

I think everyone knows that pop rocks and coke will blow up your stomach and kill you.
 Memaw heard that one when pop rocks first came out and took all of our pop rocks away from us, we didn't even have the coke to activate them, didn't matter she said our spit would.

We use to go to the river alot and go fishing or wading in the water, mama wouldn't let us swim she was and is scared of water.
 Well we had to go down the levee to get to the river and she told us we had to be real quiet or the car would tumble down the levee instead of roll down the the tires..... scared the crap out of me! If my brothers said a word I would just know the car was going to start tumbling end over end.

I know when the girls (mine) were small we(me and mama) had them convinced that when you went to a drive thru at the restaurant that a lil man was sent running down the pipe and would ask our order, then he'd run back with his paper to tell the real people in the Macadonalds or wherever what our order was. (yes I know how to spell McDonalds but the girls said macadonalds...I still say that.)
 They believed that for a long time, they'd stare at the lil speaker thing trying to see him in there writing our order down.

When Nikki, Shelby and I went to KY last year we told Shelby that macadonalds put crushed up roaches in their burgers and it was legal because of the protein. ( No other restaurant was doing it ...yet) We told her this because she lived on macadonalds.
 Well we had everyone in on this, we started it in Arkansas and then Kelly started talking about it in KY without us mentioning it. LOL!! This child was devastated cause she couldn't eat at macadonalds any more. On the way home we were starving and could only find macadonalds to eat at so I had to tell her the truth. 
Ruined a good thing, No she's not blonde but she should have been.

So what about you? Did you have any cruel adults or older cousins lying to you about things? Did you believe them or are we just naive here in Arkansas? Don't answer that last question....


Shell said...

So funny- I love it!

My mom used to tell us that chocolate milk was really milk that cows had pooped in. Of course, we believed her. When I started kindergarten, we just went half day and had a snack and milk break. Every morning, the teacher would have us raise our hands and say who wanted chocolate milk and who wanted white milk. The first day, I was the only one who didn't want chocolate...and I was so grossed out. I started telling eveyone else in the class what was in their milk. So, by the end of the first week of school, ALL of the kids ordered white milk. The teacher found out what happened and called my mom. So, my mom had to 'fess up that cows don't really poop in chocolate milk.

Trac~ said...

LOL that is so funny! I am sure I was told many stories like that growing up - but, since I am from Arkansas it will be okay for me to say that yes, sometimes we are indeed naive in that state. HA! Thanks for sharing the stories! Big hugs! :o)

gayle said...

Cute little stories...I was told many of the same things when I was little and living in CA

Jennifer Juniper said...

I actually believed that all the vitamins were in the crust of the bread until I caught myself saying it to my kids last year. Suddenly, I looked at my Hubs and said "Wait, isn't the crust like the rest of the bread only cooked more?" He was like "Shhhh!" It was a strange aha moment :)

Rhonda said...

Oh I just loved these stories, especially the Macadonald's one. LOL! I was also told as a kid that if I ate the seeds of a watermelon that I would grow one in my belly. I still refuse to swallow the seeds til this day.

blueviolet said...

Found you from Shell and we must be from the same time period because I heard so many of those ridiculous things too!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh Man I've totally blocked it all out ... LOL

My kids call it MacDonalds also. I tell them we can't eat there but we can go to the playland .. lol ;)

New follower :)