Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm playing Survivor, Supah style and I'm a hero. Only tonight I'm a loser because I'm blogging from my bb and can't put any pics in my post. That means I can't add the great survivor button made by Amber or a super cute pic of JT who won Survivor 2 seasons ago. I was really cheering for him to win and he did and now I get to play him in Supah's survivor game!
So stay tuned for lots of fun things and cheer me on.
Oh and say a little prayer that eating crazy things will not be in any of the challenges!
OK I'm out, maybe I can get online tomorrow.


Tammy said...

You go JT! :)

Wait a minute...was I just cheering on a competitor?? Oh my!

gayle said...

I need way more ifo....Please what in the world are you playing...I must be out of it!!