Monday, October 12, 2009

ALL About MEme Monday: 10/12 Friends Edition: The kindest thing a friend ever did for me

Once again it is time for All About MEme Monday!


Choose one mini prompt that you love.
Or make up your own "friendly" post.
We don't care.. just join us.

1. What Friends character(s) best describes you. Why?
2. What Friends character(s) are most NOT like you . Why?
3. Your favorite episode of Friends, Why?
4. In Real LIfe Friends: who , what, where, when, why... etc.

5. The kindest thing a friend ever did for me.
6. What kind of friend are you? Why?
7. re-live a friend moment from childhood.

Since I'm like the ONLY person in blogland that has never watched friends that makes my choices smaller...I choose 5.

I have a friend that helped me once and I do not even know what that friends name is...I actually probably do know them cause I think they are from my church but no one has ever admitted it was them who helped.

In December of 2004 I was newly separated,getting a divorce and broke,I mean really broke. I was living in a mobile home that needed the pipes wrapped under it. I have a distant cousin who said for $20 he would get under there and wrap them.  So I ran home between jobs to give my mom the money to pay him when he showed up. It was a few bills and the rest was change. It was ALL THE MONEY I HAD! But I knew I'd be in trouble if I had a pipe bust and it was freezing already. 
When I was leaving my moms I stopped at the mailbox and there was a little envelope,kinda like what you would get in your valentine box you made for grade school. It had my name on it and nothing in the returen address part. I opened it and it had 2 $20 bills in it. FORTY $$$$$!!!! That was such a blessing to me, you have no ideal! The twenties were wrapped up in a small piece of paper that had "we love you" wrote in red crayon. I cried so hard I was late for work cause I had to go tell my mom. I'm teary eyed now thinking about it. I still haven't a clue who sent it but God does and one day I hope to be able to tell them thank you and how much that meant to me. 

So that's the nicest thing a friend has done for me. 



Raising Z said...

That is a beautiful story! What a great friend :)

Shell said...

I got tears in my eyes thinking about that.

It's also a great reminder to all of us that any act of kindness could mean the world to someone.

SupahMommy said...

that was beautiful ... what nice people there are huH?

have you ever paid it forward? just wondering if you have another good story..

Yara said...

that is so sweet!
Dont you love how God always provides for you?

carma said...

Wow! That is an amazing act of kindness.