Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I got my silver wire in so I can work on the rings for my etsy! I'm excited about that.

2. Daisy is much better, her coughing is pretty much gone. She did find a half of a tiny pill in her cheese the other day so it has gotten harder to get her to take her meds. Although the bologna worked this morning.

3. Prayer request for my friend who had the son commit suicide in Iraq...her husband was in a motorcycle wreck Friday and is in ICU on a ventilator. This lady has gone through so much...she needs to be lifted up.

4. I missed church Sunday cause I felt horrible...feel better now but still icky. I hate when the weather goes from one temp to another in a drastic way.

5. It has misted all day here. That's frustrating on the wipers.

6. Tuna sandwiches for supper...don't want to cook. Am I the only one tired of cooking?

7. Arkansas won Saturday's game... :))))

8. Kelly's male dog has started peeing every where all the sudden...why?

9. I finally switched banks. Bank of America was on my last nerve. It must really hurt them to smile and be nice. Grrr that's a blog on it's own.

10. I sure thought I had more thoughts....guess not.


B Lines said...

I understand what you are saying girl. I know bank tellers are under appreciated, but it's not cool to act like you don't give a rats.... well, when the customer comes in. How much effort does it take to simply smile and say hello? I used a certain bank for a separate account when I was working and the workers were always so friendly. When I resigned I had to close that account out and use our joint account at another bank in town. Their faces seem to be stuck in a bland freeze. The use of my money pays your salary folks. Give me a little smile now and then ok? I have to admit, the tellers at the drive through are a bit friendlier, which is why I seldom go inside.

Trac~ said...

Love your Ten Thoughts Tuesday - thanks for sharing! Yes, I agree, Bank Tellers (or other people in other industries for that matter) should NOT be in customer service if they refuse to play the part! UGH! And YAY for the Razorbacks - it was an AWESOME game for sure and we were so proud of our home team! :O)