Sunday, October 25, 2009

All About MEme Monday: prompt- Tales from the Darkside ( hissss)

Time for MEme Monday with Supah and MommyBrain!

This week were going to our dark side and bringing back a scary tale. Make sure you go check these ladies out!!

The following is a TRUE TRUE TRUE story...I lived it.

***I copy pasted from my old blog and it is not reader friendly..I am tired...sick...  lazy
so please highlight it so you can read it. :) Thank you!!***

 I grew up with a mother who loved scaring people. We would go looking for boogers...crazy! I can recall many instances where strange unexplained things have happened. I have seen things that have no explanation. A number of these things have happened at the Old Hudson Place.

The Hudson Place is now only a cemetery but you can still see where the old plantation use to be. The story I've always heard was I think in the late 60's or 70's some boy scouts (?) burned the old house down. I don't know if it was on purpose or accident. I can remember going out there when I was maybe 7 or so and seeing and hearing things that have stuck in my head all these years. But my story tonight happened when I was around 15 and it's like a video I can play back any time...

It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and my mom and then boyfriend (my girls dad) wanted to go out to do some target practice. Well mama wanted to go to the Hudson Place, it's out in the country with no people living any where near it. They shot the gun for awhile then we walked around in the cemetery for a little bit. I had been in that cemetery and seen the headstones a hundred times but it was always fascinating to go back and do it again.
Right before dark mama said we needed to go cause she didn't wanna be out there after dark. We loaded up, it was Me, Jim, mama and my brothers and i think my sister in mama's Volkswagen rabbit. We get on the main highway and mama goes to get a cigarette, they are no where to be found. She remembers her cigarette were on top of the car and we must have drove off and left them up there. So we had to backtrack and look for these cigarettes. Remember it's almost dark...
They aren't on the highway, that would be asking to much. So we turn down Hudson Rd...little bitty skinny dirt, not gravel road. Mama starts driving slowly down the road and lo and behold there's her cigs. I'm thinking GREAT! we can go home. No...she wants her lighter also. So we drive to the cemetery and turn around and it's dark by now. Nothing spectacular happened and we didn't find the lighter...we go home.
We get home and our neighbor comes over, they get to having a few beers and talking about being at the Hudson place and the next thing I know is my mom saying come on kids were going to go look for my lighter. WHAT!? Beer makes people very brave....or crazy-
We all get in the little bitty car and head back to this haunted place it's around 10pm or later. My moms lighter was a black bic, we are not going to find this black bic at 10pm! ...but we look. Were going real slow down this dirt road and get almost to the cemetery.*I'm scaring myself telling this!* Well something...somethingS that is because there was more than one, floated across the road in front of us! I know this sounds like every other "ghost" sighting but dang it I SAW THEM! My mama puts that lil rabbit in reverse and backs down that dirt road at a high rate of speed. Me? I'm in the back with my head under the blanket I thought to bring. I figure if I can't see them they can't see me! My mamas a good driver, we made it out of there in record time and I haven't been back after dark since then!
We never found the lighter but I slept with my mom that night...well alot cause my dad drove cross country and I just slept with her ...anyway back to the story! The next morning I woke up and on my moms pillow was her black lighter..... I know for a fact no one found it that night. All we found was a half empty pack of PallMall gold...UGH! So with all my heart I think something followed us home and gave the lighter back.

Ya'll think I'm crazy...doncha?

This is just one of many experiences I personally had at that place. The others were when I was younger and the first one I didn't even know it was suppose to be haunted. Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe in ghost? What are they? I find it hard to believe they are our loved ones that have gone on before us. Well the ones who went to heaven anyway...why would you wanna come back here after going there?


BJ_Mama said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! You totally creeped me out! I have shivers down my spine right NOW! Thanks. :P

SupahMommy said...

i would have been CRYING under that blanket.. WEEPING WEEPING WEEPING...

your momma and those smokes!! HOLY CRAP!
and the rabbit in tooo funny

great meme!

Evonne said...

Great story! I got the chills reading it!

Shell said...

How creepy!!! I have the chills.

melissa said...

I totally believe in ghosts and that is scary as hell to see them. Man your mom is a die hard about that lighter!

Melissa said...

ewww, how creepy!! But knowing me, I probably would've gone there just to scare myself and my friends!!

Trac~ said...

WOW - what a story! BUT, YES I DO believe in ghosts AND I have SEEN ghosts and even LIVED in a "HAUNTED" house before - I have A LOT of stories I could tell you for sure! :o)

Janie Woods said...

Totally with Trac. Grew up in "haunted" house--apparitions, things falling off the walls for no reason and just constantly looking for whatever you, "just set down."

Your story was awesome!!