Friday, October 30, 2009


All right here it is last gasp for the month....I will make this easy on all of you and me this week...I know it's early for a list of wishes but what about "treats" ...I want to know what FIVE treats would you like to find in your trick or treat bag tomorrow night!!! They don't have to be candy put on your witch hat and tell all of us what would make this Halloween one of the best ever! As always leave us a link so we can see your loot...Happy Haunting! Love, Queenie

I'm going all out on my wishes!

2010 Ford Fusion
It is so pretty to me. I really want this...actually I really really want another SUV but I drive too many miles and don't wanna pay for that much gas so I choose the fusion. I like this color too!

Bernina Activa 220
Ahhhh. I wish I wish I wish.....

3.Entrepreneur PR 650 embroidery machine.
  • 6 needle single head with auto-color change
  • Large full color 4.5” x 7” HD touch screen by Sharp Corporation
  • 3 USB Ports for fast design transfer and computer connectivity
  • Built in sample embroidery designs and 25 size adjustable embroidery lettering fonts
  • Built in Greek, appliqué, floral and Renaissance alphabet designs

Need I say more?

4. Canon powershot G11

Can you imagine the pictures I could take with this?

I guess with the types of wishes I have ask for I should save my last one for money but I can't because Halloween would be nothing without

This is one of the 2 best candies in the world. I could eat it while driving my fusion and playing with my sewing and embroidery machines. I could even take pictures while letting that chocolaty goodness melt in my mouth.

***A while back I was talking to someone about how you got your buttons of friends to scroll and you offered to give me the code so I could do that...please forgive my forgetfulness and offer again....please! thank you very much...***


carma said...

yes, the car is awesome.. They've made it much sleeker!

About the button scroll, a friend referred me to this site:

B Lines said...

Since my Tucson is only a year old, I"ll keep it, but the other things are AWESOME! And I want them too!!!!!