Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who knew I had another one in me! SHIRTS AND RINGS!

I'm blogging twice in one day...haven't done that in a while. I wanted to post a few quick pics of what I have been up to today.
I have been lurking over at My Mama Made It for some time now and you guys should go check her out because she makes some of the ca-u-test! shirts by refashioning old shirts.
So we had this yard sale not to long ago and had some old clothes left over that didn't sell. I got one of the jersey long sleeve tees that was Britt's or one of my brothers...anyway, and I practiced on it. I like how it turned out. I think I'll look for one of mine that actually fits me and do the same thing.
Sorry no before pics but y'all know what a long sleeve tee looks like...right?
I cut the bottom off and cut it into strips and cut the sleeves down and cut them into strips and cut the neck out a bit. I ruffled all the strips and sewed them onto the shirt.
If you want a tutorial go see My Mama Made It cause I'm no good at them and she is FANTASTIC!

Now don't pay attention to the pajama pants,I know your jealous cause they is so sexy.

I also have been playing around with my rings. I finally got my silver wire in and it's just a little bit harder to work with than the craft wire. Here are a few I made tonight.

 size 8
 sz 5½ - 6
sz 7½- 8

sz 7
Hey Supah If you see one you like let me's yours. The rest will be in my etsy soon.

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Someone said they donated and it didn't go to my page so if you and it doesn't show let me know so I can contact them. They have been really good about responding.

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Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Your rings look Great!!! Loveeeee how the top turned out!!! You rock!! I need to practice on my sewing, I see so many cute things I want to sew! Love it!

B Lines said...

You are so enterprising!

Nanci said...

Your rings are lovely, and the T-shirt makeover is really intriguing. Might have to try that one myself. Thanks for sharing.

Trac~ said...

Great job on the shirt AND the rings - those are SO NEAT! :o)

SupahMommy said...