Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had hoped to get my etsy stocked by the 1st...I don't see that happening right now. MAYBE I'll get some in there Saturday????
I have a few new things I was playing around with and might add some of those but of course I want to show you guys now.

(I really have very few you guys on blogger so that comment was for Multiply)

I made a few rings with beads and took one picture of one that Nikki stole but it is bad...I have to learn how to take pics of beads.

Please pay no attention to the fingernails with polish flaking...I hate that but have been lazy. I cropped the pic but it was way blurry then. I made it with regular craft wire...need to find some jewelry wire.

I also made some new bobbies, I think they are too cute. (Debby you didn't get a sample of them cause I just made them yesterday)

I need to grow my hair out....

I'm almost finished with the girls (nieces) bandana quilts...need to order bandanas for the boys quilts. I think I'm going to do those red and white....those are the HOGS colors,did y'all know that?

OK burgers are almost ready,need to cut the tomatoes.

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carma said...

wouldn't have even noticed the chipped nails. They blend right in.

Nice new work!