Monday, September 7, 2009

MEme Monday

I can post on Multiply and it will cross post to Blogger...I need to see how to cross post from blogger to multiply. Rhonda?????

I'm joining Supahmommy and Mommybrain in the ALL ABOUT Meme Monday. This Monday we're talking about -
FIve Fashion MEmestakes (mistakes)
I hope to never. make. again.
I have the song Lets get physical in brain thanks to these 2 mommies!
1. Members only jackets. I didn't have one but my boyfriend then husband did and he was so cool to me. His was silvery gray. I look back at it now and it was SO NOT COOL.

2. Jeans...TIGHT jeans folded at the bottom and then rolled so they would stay tight. This was a ridiculous look that my brother wore too far into the 90's. (hoping he doesn't read my blog) Normally I would have on my high top LA Gear tennis shoes with the 2 velcro straps at the top while wearing the tight rolled jeans back in the day.

3. Ponytails on the side..and high ones at that. *enuff said*

4. stirrup pants- Why? My daughter called me last week cause she was at the mall and came across a pair of stirrup 2009! She called cause she found it funny. Not only did I dress like that I dressed my kids like that too. *hangs head in shame*

5. Leg-warmers. Remember those? You usually wore them with the stirrup pants.
...and that's why I keep singing Lets get physical!

So get typing and go see all the fashion boohoos with Mr. Linky at Supahs!

This new editor has confused me...forgive the mess.
....or not.