Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I DID IT! I conquered the button thingamajigabob!

*happy dance*


I did it by myselffff, I did it by myselffff!!!!!

I made my own blog button..and while it's not all fancy smancy like some- IT DOES THE TRICK!

It only took 1...ok 2 hours and a headache BUT I did it by myselfff! I even found a lady who had a tutorial on how to put the code in a box under it for people who wanna add it to their blog. (Ok I know that it will only probably be on my page BUT) She said be prepared to get irritated...and I did... BUT... I did it! If you wanna learn to do it also you can go check her post out here cause I'm not all about writing one of those things.

In case you couldn't tell I am very PROUD of me.

*dances away with a smile*



Nanci said...

Congrats! Nothing better than knowing you have accomplished something that made you reeeeach a little.

Thanks also for the of these days when I really feel like frustrating myself, I think I may try to make the button thingamajigabob, too.

Rhonda said...

Woot! You go girl! Proud of ya!

Together We Save said...

congrats!! It is very cute.

carma said...

I'm proud of you too. I attempted to make my own in the past and couldn't get the code to work (so I had to hire some help!). I'll check out the tutorial for sure so maybe I can make another funky button.