Thursday, September 10, 2009

DIY From country shelf to not so country shelf- loving some paint and mod podge!

I got this shelf from  a lady I work for that is around 6 ft tall. It was this very country blue color and the bottom doors had hearts cut into them. I'm not into the country look so much so I changed it up. IThere are a few things I did that I'm not liking so much but will change it when I have time. I didn't take a before pic of the whiole thing because I forgot...what else is new?
At the last minute I remembered I forgot to take a before pic so I got the drawers...see? country blue.

Country blue and cut out hearts...ahhh no.

First coat of black paint, not real sure it is going to stay black and paint is easy to change.

I mod podged some fabric to the back and do not like how it looks so it will be changed to paper.

Doors opened, I cheated and didn't paint the back of them. I'll catch up with it later also.
I didn't take pics of the bottom...don't know why but I mod podged some paper to the back and like it alot better than the fabric.... I bet that fabric will be  booger bear to take off.
I also did not like the microwave on it so the top shelf is now sitting on the bottom shelf like it was made. It looks MUCH better without the microwave.

PS- If anyone happens to have a bunch of bandanas they don't want I am looking for a lot of them. I will be happy to buy them and pay postage...of course!
Ebay has some but these people are crazy on postage. I am not going to pay $9.99 for 5 bandanas to be mailed to me. That's not including the purchase price!


Rhonda said...

Super cute! I love it. Sorry I can't help ya out on the bandannas. :0(

carma said...

nice job!! I agree- ebay is nuts with the shipping. I ordered something that was light as a feather and paid about the same in shipping...I think they have bandanas at Walmart - have you checked there?

SupahMommy said...


You are a crafty mamasita!

ow!! ( that was hot mamasita talk!)

I love it!
Bandanas... oriental trading lady! :)

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Sooooo Cute! I am behind on my favorite blogs so I am late stopping over but this is fabulous! Love it!