Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do you shave your legs with?

We wear short shorts!

Well I don't wear them! But I do like it when my legs feel like I could wear them if I chose to.

Nair never worked for me. 5oes anyone use it? I seen where the have a spatula like thing to scrape with now. Wonder if it works and that stuff use to stink so bad.

The reason I even had this idea to write a post about shaving your legs is because I wondered what yall shave with....besides a razor.

Do you use a ladies shaving cream or your husband!
Do you use soap?
Do you or have you shaved your legs dry?

I use something different. You know those little tubes of conditioner you get when you dye your hair?
Yep, that's what I use.

I never use the whole tube on my hair and I know some people who never use the tubes at all and they give me theirs. I also always have so much more conditioner left than shampoo and I switch up all the time so I will use the leftover conditioner.

It makes the razor run smooth and my legs always feel so soft. So save those tubes and use leftover conditioner for shaving cream and let me know what you think.

So what do you usually use?
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Ai Mei said...

Lol! I thought I was weird, I have used the conditioner tubes to shave before. I usually just use body wash, works well. :)

Singedwingangel said...

Actually I love this stuff called Coochy cream it is thick like conditioner and does the same thing when you use it. It leaves your legs soft and sooo smooth..

Oka said...

my hair requires lots and lots of conditioner. so, nope never used it for my legs

Rhonda said...

I have heard of using conditioner and heard that it leaves your legs so soft and smooth, but I have never tried it. I use "Caress" soap or body wash and it works just fine for me.

Mimi said...

Heard of this before and it's a great idea.
I don't usually shave my legs, I've a pad thingy that you rub clockwise then anticlockwise and it exfoliates and removes hair, and leaves your legs supersoft!

gayle said...

I use conditioner or just use what ever I use on my body. What I want to know is which way do you shave? I read the other day that we are suppose to shave with the direction the hair grows. I've never done this and it seems very awkward to do so.