Monday, September 12, 2011

My Yard Sale Bed and $3 Quilt

I found a bed at a yard sale that I had to have! I ask the man how much thinking he was going to say $75 or $100 and was happily surprised when he said $20! I love it when people are just trying to get rid of stuff they no longer want. The bed comes apart and I was determined to get it in my car but it was determined not to get in my car. Luckily the man lives down the road from us and said he would hold it until I could get the truck. 

It was all scarred up but I knew with a little sanding and a paint color I feel in love with it would be pretty again. Don't pay attention to the bakers rack behind it. This is on the porch and has become a catch all.

So I sanded until my hands cramped up and painted...painted and painted some more.

Here it is completed. Sorry for the bad pics but my camera battery was dead and I have no patience to wait and charge them. See those HUGE old lamps? I'm so over the plain old shades and am searching for something unique to do to them. Any ideas??

See my $3 60 yr old hand stitched quilt? Love it so much! A lady I was working for was moving into her granddaughters house and selling everything. She said her mama made it out of her dresses and her daddys old work shirts. It's so cool to have something like this and know it's history. I often buy old things and wonder how they came about and if the people who had them before cherished them.

So that's the last thing I worked on and I have a dozen more in progress. That's my problem I start to many and with Christmas fast approaching I have others I want to get started. I also have to think of something for the nieces and nephews. I've had some ideas,thank you for commenting!, and I'm still not sure what to make them yet.

Do you go to yard sales? What do you call them? Yard sales, Rummage sales, carport sales????? We usually say yard sales or rummaging. 

Until next time......


Rhonda said...

Here we call them yard or garage sales. That bed is absolutely beautiful! What a great deal! I would love to hear the stories that the quilt has to tell. It is an awesome piece to add to your home.

Stasha said...

Love yard sales, although I don't get to go to very many any more.

I have family in TN who calls going to yard sales and thrift stores "Junking".

Love the bed and the quilt. They are awesome!

Oka said...

love both pieces for the bed

I don't go yard saleing, because people around here think they can charge retail prices for used stuff.