Monday, January 17, 2011

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

*i just love how this flower turned out*

1. I'm afraid these 10 thoughts may be all downers. That's how my life has been for a couple weeks now.

2. I do have blessings! I appreciate every one of them.

3. Its either been cold and /or wet for what seems like forever. Been like this all over the US if the news is correct. I'm sure this is one reason I have the blues.

4. I miss Daisy so very bad. I try not to think about it but there's reminders every where. I dread coming home because she isn't there at the door twisting into a pretzel because she's so happy I'm home.

5. I see dog food at walmart and think for a second that I need to get some

6. Whew.... Ok I have to get away from that subject.

7. I have 7 pkgs to mail tomorrow. All books and I don't have one to read...hoping one comes in mail tomorrow.

8. I'm STILL sick...2 weeks and counting.

9. I think I've lost some blog friends.... :(

10. Pickle juice... Its what I'm craving tonight. I'm going to be all swolled up tomorrow.

*swolled IS a word*
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Oka said...


Stasha said...

I've been reading to keep myself occupied...

The weather is not helping my mood either.

Love ya Mama!

Kmama said...

LOL at "swolled". That cracks me up.

I'm so sorry about your Daisy. I still miss my Zoey so very much. The pet aisles at the stores are torture.

gayle said...

I'm sorry you are missing your dog.

Are you going to really drink pickle juice? Yuck!

I just noticed you posted from your blackberry. Didn't know you could do that.

Rhonda said...

So sorry that you are having the winter blues. Once again it has hit me very hard here. I just want to stay in bed and cover my head and do absolutely nothing. I really wish I could hibernate all winter long. I'm so sorry that you are missing your Daisy. Sending hugs your way.