Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

Daylight savings time? I'm not happy with it right this minute but I will be this evening. I love when the time changes and it stays daylight until after 7! 
I remember when the girls were little I didn't love it so much because it messed with bedtime. 

So yesterday Nikki and I went shopping in Little Rock for maternity clothes.The town she lives in (South of LR) and I'm from do not have 1 store that we could find that sold maternity clothes. We tried all the major stores and all of them said "We don't carry them." WHAT? That's just crazy.

So we end up in Target and she gets 1 pair of work pants and 1 pair of jeans for $60. That's a lot of money for something your only going to wear for 4 months. Next we go to TJMaxx and walk out empty-handed. Burlington Coat Factory was around the corner and we decided to go there. 
Let me just say if you need maternity clothes...go to BCF. Nikki walked out of thee with 2 pair work pants,2 pair jeans and 2 shirts and only paid $52! She's taking the other pants back to Target.

Speaking of Target....In my Ode to the 80's I mentioned jellies. How I bought them for my girls and they made their feet sweaty,stinky and dirty. Well look what I found in Target.
YES! It's jellies!
They were like 12.99 for these baby shoes.
Seems like everything comes back around.

I'm WAY behind on blogs so I'm outta here to play catch up.


gayle said...

I didn't know it was so hard to find maternity clothes! We have special shops that is all they sell. Very expensive though!
Love day light savings time!

Shell said...

I'm okay with daylight savings time when it's spring. Mentally, I feel better when my kids are up and the clock reads a much more "decent" hour.

What a pain about the maternity clothes. Tell her to check Old Navy online. They have lots of maternity stuff and if you check the clearance, you can get great deals!

Oka said...

I always waited last minute on maternity clothes. They never made them for my height(not even at the specialty shops), so the pants would be high waters. I would of got shorts or capris but I wasn't allowed to wear them to work.

I started off on the wrong foot with DST, but we will get to loving each other :D

Stasha said...

I despise daylight saving time... LOL.

I remember when I was preggy, almost 8 years ago now, having trouble finding maternity clothes. Wal Mart and K Mart both suck for maternity clothes due to poor selection. Target isn't much better because they are expensive.

I remember wearing jellies when I was younger! LOVED them. Was all I wore in the summertime! LOL

Bethany said...

When I was in maternity clothes last year, I had to have work clothes, too. I ordered most of mine from Old Navy because they ran a tad big and came in longs. Anyway, tell her to check out their website bc I was very happy with all of them, plus you can return them to the store even though you can't buy them there. Oh yeah and I rubber-banded my jeans the whole pregnancy. (They didn't meet at the top, but no one ever knew.) =)

Btw my Google friend follower is in the left sidebar about 1/2 way down. Thanks for stopping by.

Lluvia said...

What is BCF?

I don't like Daylight savings time, either! =(

I sucked that it was so late so early already!

Lluvia said...

I got my maternity clothes from Motherhood, and it wasn't cheap!!!

Trac~ said...

Try JCPennys my dear friend - I know they used to have a WONDERFUL selection a few years ago. Thanks again for the positive feedback on my paint color walls. Big hugs! :o)

Anonymous said...

BCF is a great place for everything! So glad she found some cute stuff.
I'm like Shell, I do better with Daylight Savings Time in the Spring. I love it when the sun stays up til 9 or after. It does mess with the kids schedule but once we're used to it, it's great!

carma said...

nooooooooooo not baby jellies; do not succumb to your 80's urge