Thursday, March 4, 2010

RAMBLINGS and THURSDAY 13 with Amber and Meg!

1. Shell and Supah are having a Just Dance dance off. I bought the game and haven't even opened it yet. :( Hopefully tonight after Survivor and Idol I will feel like getting in there and shaking my booty.
Wanna participate or just watch? Click their names!

2. We went to see the ultrasound yesterday and we are getting a boy! My SIL is so excited,it really scared him for some reason to raise a girl....can't say I blame him.

Is it just me or do babies look kinda alien like in these 4d pics?

3. I have a super giveaway coming really soon!

4. The dr put me on meds for pain that make me sick to my stomach,it took all week for them to get me on another med starting tomorrow. One reason I'm not sure about the dance off. :(

5. I also have to have a TB test done....I put it off all week,I'm a needle chicken.

6. I have some onsies to decorate for Baby G,anyone have any great boy appliques I can copy?

Now on to Amber and Meg's Thursday 13

What are Thirteen Gifts you wish you would receive on your birthday?

1.A 2010 Ford Fusion
2. A 2010 Ford Taurus
(Both these cars are so awesome)
 3. A 2010 SUV (not sure which one yet.)
(I know 3 vehicles...but I figure I will be lucky to get one!
4.Wii fit plus 
5. An orange blackberry (like Kelly)
6. A medical miracle where arthritis is cured!
7. And cancer
8. money...lots of it.
9. A healthy grandson
10. A visa card with lots of $$ for shopping for clothes...and shoes...and stuff.
11. A new computer
12. A new way to have internet (I wish we had a cable modem,no cable in our woods tho. )
13. a new camera... a really really nice one. Like a canon...or something.


Oka said...

Your list wasn't as bad as you implied. What about the cure for cancer and arthritis????

It'd be nice if you felt good enough to dance, but I think we'd all understand if you didn't.

carma said...

I hope your wishes come true..sorry to hear about the pain meds :-(

SupahMommy said...



did you dance??