Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I have 100's of thoughts and can't think of 10 right now...Hmmm,ok! I am TIRED of hearing about Tiger Woods! Can we have some happy news once in a while and it not center on a "celebrity."

2. Nikki goes to dr. Thursday and unless something changes I get to go!!!!!!!!!!!! They are doing an ultrasound!

3. Kelly is coming home for Christmas! We are praying that the weather stays nice so she can because if it gets bad she won't be able to. She will be driving by herself for the first time....600 miles! Not real excited about that part.

4. I am almost finished with the nieces and nephews gifts... feel like I have been working on them forever!

5. Been working on some small things for brothers and sisters tonight. I would show yall but some of them have access to my blogs.

6. I haven't forgotten about my blog spark giveaway...just been busy. I'll try to post it sometime this week. It's a really good one!

7. The man from Cracker Barrel corporate offices called again today. He wanted to make sure I was doing ok and said if I go to the dr. to make sure and let him know, he said he'll call back in a few weeks and ask for my address again. Am I being greedy for asking for something? I mean I haven't ask them....but heck most folks would have already gotten a lawyer.

8. I keep picking dried glue off my fingers...what? It's a thought!

9. I almost never drink cokes (and by cokes I mean any kind of soda...this is the South) but I drank a lot of them in Branson...my chin is broke out now! Back to my water.

10. I was just accepted to be in Uprinting's blog sponsorship program! That means more reviews and freebies for you and me!


Shell said...

What did I miss that happened at Cracker Barrel?

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I was gonna ask the same thing as Shell up there...cracker barrel??

gayle said...

Get everything you can from Cracker Barrel.. you are right most people would have a lawyer!!