Thursday, December 17, 2009

Posting from the BB

I'm posting from my bb so I hope this turns out right.We were so excited to get broadband thru verizon we used all our time up a week early. We can still get online but they charge like when you go over your minutes on your cell. I think I'll survive... I think. At least we are done with Hughes net. Blah - hated them!
Christmas is 7 days away!!!!

I'm so not ready.
I ordered some gifts from a copany I paid off this past Summer and they were nice to let me know that they closed ny account.

Would have been nice if they had let me know this before I spent hours shopping and ordering and waiting until I only had 7 days to find gifts to replace those! Not even 7 days really.

I have figured one thing out with the bb or at least I think I have. You can comment on blogger blogs IF they don't have word verification. So far I haven't been able to comment on only those with that little annoyance.
I could be wrong and just got lucky on a few.
Ok back to the grind stone, I'm making beanies and scarfs.
Don't leave me!!!!
I shall be back Tuesday!


gayle said...

You did great on your BB!!