Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Update on my Mother-in-law

First off I want to say thank you so much to all the people that are praying for her. There are folks all over the US that have let me know they are praying and that is so very much appreciated.

Second I want to say a special thanks to the people who I was suppose to write reviews for and I'm late doing so. I have contacted them and they have been really understanding. I will be writing the reviews this week if I have to chain myself to the house to do it!

My MIL is doing better but she has good ays and bad days. It seems like for every really good day she has we get at least 2 bad or soso days afterwards. She can move her foot and hand a little barely, BUT, That's an improvement because she couldn't do it at all for a while there. We will take every bit we can get.

She gets confused VERY easy and more often than not. It's like things will get in her head and stick all day...sometimes days. The dr says we can gently tell her if it's right or wrong but sometimes we just agree. She won't hardly eat  so when she does eat something real good and says Mrs. blahblahblah made it and brought it to her...even though it's hospital food and Mrs. blahblahblah has been dead for years we just agree. If her thinking someone from the past made it and she will eat it...what's the harm?

My FIL has been up there most all the time, I'm praying this doesn't get him down.

Once again THANK YOU ALL!


Tammy said...

Praying Lisa...hope she continues to improve.