Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where I've been...

*Drex with his Christmas present from his memaw, (my MIL) she's in the background over the left of his shoulder.

A week ago today my MIL had a stroke and this past week has been so very long!

It started with a irregular heartbeat which pushed a clot to her brain. The right side of the brain was where the stroke occurred so her left side is the weak side. Thankfully her speech and swallowing was not affected.
After she got to hospital last Thurs. She also had a heart attack.

They admitted her of course and started treating the heart attack with a blood thinner. Friday was a good day and Saturday was too. Our hopes were pretty high. The most she complained about was a headache and leg cramps....BAD cramps on Sat. They gave her soma on Sat night and we all go home except for my FIL. Sunday am I get ready for church and run her a pair of shoes to her room first. (She really wanted these shoes although she wouldn't be wearing them.) If you have been around a stroke victim they can easily get fixated on something...hers was these shoes...and her catheter and iv but those are a story for another day.
SO back to Sun. AM before I leave for church I ask if they gave her another soma and was told no. She was not responding. We couldn't wake her up but she would squeeze our hand with her right hand. A cardiologist comes in (not her reg dr with it being the W/E) and starts talking to us about a DNR...
!? WHAT?

Come to find out when this dr leaves ...who had 0 bedside manner... Is she has a brain bleed. Apparently where the stroke hit her brain the tissue was weak and some died and the thinners she NEEDS for her heart was making her brain bleed. Not good at all! They had to take her off the thinner and we pray her heart is ok because she can't have it. Later on during the evening she started coming around. The thinner leaves the body quickly and as it left she started waking up and whispering. By the next day she was better.

Yesterday they moved her to rehab and she will have a very strenuous workout twice a day every day. Her spirits are down and that's very understandable.
Neurologist said today that a quarter of her brain was damaged and she had a higher probability of having another stroke.

I tell yall all of this so if you pray you will know how to pray for her. She needs strength and sunshine in her heart. :)
Wisdom for the drs and therapist and for her family to be lifted up. She a is a sweet lady and a great MIL!

Much thanks to all who have been and will be praying for her.
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Oka said...

Horrible, just horrible. Still praying

Kmama said...

Many prayers for her! What a difficult situation!

Rhonda said...

Sending prayers her way. So sad. I am waiting on the results of my FIL surgery. He has liver and colon cancer and now an infection from a surgery that was done a few days ago. Could you please pray for him. It is sad on this end also and the waiting is driving me crazy!

gayle said...

I am so very sorry about your MIL. She and you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.