Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts on AS, Fibro, strokes and heart attacks

I think I have an appointment this month with my rheumatologist. It been about 6 mths since it was made and I can't remember the exact date....been meaning to call for last couple days to check on that. Read further and you'll see what I've been doing in stead of calling.

I'm kinda anxious to go to my appt because although I think my dr knows what he is doing and I have faith in his diagnosis I think maybe he is treating the wrong problem...or maybe should be treating both???

He had me on celebrex for my AS and I loved it then I started feeling sick on it and he took me off of it. I can't take it because it hurts my stomach....yes I take prescription stomach meds with it....still hurts.
I also have fibro and he's not treating it. I hurt all. The. Time. Every. Where. nails hurt, I ache alllllll over. That sounds like fibro....right? I know my hips and legs and shoulders are most likely the AS but all the other!? I don't think so.


Strokes you ask?
Yesterday my MIL had a stroke. They "think" it was a TIA which is light but it has affected her left arm and leg. She's in the hospital and we were there til midnight last night. After the drive home and winding down it was probably 130 or closer to two AM before we actually settled down. Then Britt had to be at work at 7 so I was up early. Him having to be there means leaving house at 6. We live in the boondocks. He's on the couch snoring right now and its all I can do to stay awake but I know if I don't stay up I will be in bed to long and pay tomorrow. *boohoo

Heart attack?
After we get to hospital with MIL (ambulance drove slooowwww) we stay in ER about 6 hrs before they get her a room. We find out this AM she had a heart attack while in ER.....this is found from test results.
Huh!??? How did they not know? How did WE not know? One of uswas with her at all times. Her BP did go up. 203 over 97 at one point. She was saying her chest was tight. Dr comes in and says its normal for a stroke victims pressure to go high, its apparently the body trying to naturally heal. Oookk. Maybe that's true. But was she having this heart attack while we sat in front of her discussing her bp?? She's a tiny lady and needed a stint like 5 yrs ago but her veins are so small they couldn't do the stint.

Now this.

That's not all though!
Tuesday my mama has surgery. I won't go into detail but I do ask for prayers for both our mamas. We want them home and pain free please.

I think I'm gonna find something to do ....or go to bed.
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Belinda said...

What a mess! I'm so sorry both your mother's are in distress. I've been praying!!

Oka said...

My FIL's first heart attack he thought was heartburn. Everybody was shocked.

His second heart attack, he knew he was having, but the basic tests weren't showing it. The EKGs and other test were showing 'normal'. They kept him overnight and did blood gases every hour. Every hour they raised, which means heart attack.

I think the problem for doctors is, it's not all text book. Our bodies are complicated enough that they can't read everyone the same way, nor treat everyone the same way.

I will add those wonderful ladies and your families to my prayers. Can I ask while you pray for them, you add my nephew, Eli, to yours?

gayle said...

I am so sorry you are in such pain!! My best friend has fibro. and takes antidepresents for the pain.

Praying for all the moms!

DCHY said...

Jeez, what a mess. What I hate the most in doctors is the arrogance. They think they know everything. All I want from them is to SHUT UP AND LISTEN. Sighs.