Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Thoughts Tuesday.....too early in the morning.

1. I'm sitting in the dark living room thinking about when the girls were little and would wake me up early...I'd always think when they grow up and move out I can sleep in as long as I like!

2. They are grown and living on their own and I still get out of bed around 7am....not by choice. Seems they moved out and AS moved in. Its too painful to stay in bed to long now days. *sigh*

3. Oh to go back to the days of getting up and giving Nikki (2 yrs old) a bag of cheetos, (don't judge me) lying on the couch sleeping with her and her cheetos sitting with me watching cartoons and waking up COVERED in cheetos....but at least I slept.

4. I was finding cheetos for months after that inside my couch.

5. The house is so quiet...Linzy is at school and Britt is sleeping. (I don't like him tight now) total lie...I love him dearly....just jealous.

6. I need to get dressed and go see Drex before work. I got his new hat completed so pics on his blog soon.

7. Drex's nana is visiting and soaking up some baby love. I really love her...I'm so happy Drex has grammas that get along so well. She's super sweet and probably the only woman other than my mama who knows and understands exactly what that lil boy means to me.

8. I won! A $50 gift cert to The Anniversary Rose!! My comment was chosen at Under the Table and Dreaming!! (Sorry no links, emailing this from bb and I don't know how to do them.) Google them...check them out!

9. My dad is in the hospital, he has a severe kidney infection. High power antibiotics and pain pills are curing him. Add him to your prayers please.

10. Last but not least... Rhonda I haven't purposely (spl) not read about you and thge girls...I JUST figured out on bb how to read the blog since you went private! I have to say though... Too many spiders at your place. I'm sending raid!
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Shell said...

Sending prayers for your dad!

DCHY said...

At least you know how to recognize the little moments...that's important.

Kmama said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad! Many prayers.

Oka said...

Thanks for crushing my future dreams.

Prayers for your Dad.

I bet Rhonda is hiding those spiders already, LOL

Angie said...

Hope your dad gets better really quickly... ouch!!

Anonymous said...

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Rhonda said...

First off, I am sending prayers for your dad. Second, I always love hearing stories about you and your girls. You have such a special bond with them. And last, Halloween is over so you can put the Raid away. No more posting about spiders. I promise. LOL!