Thursday, November 18, 2010

My day started out like this....

My day started out like this pic. I was in a good mood even though my stomach was queasy....again and my house canceled on me at the last minute. Britt and I were texting back and forth silly stuff. I took crazy pics and sent to the girls so they'd smile or laugh and Kelly did, outloud she says. It was mostly all good...
Then on top of my stomach hurting....which hurts because of arthritis meds my back starts aching terribly and I wouldn't take pain meds because of stomach. I pretty much ignore this.....I figure it I don't talk about it and carry on as usual it will stop. I go ahead and go to town. Help a Mrs 90 year old figure out why her phone won't work, (the cat unplugged it)Look for her cell phone...which we didn't find, go to Goodwill, (post on that coming soon) go to get my hair cut and start heading home. Before I make it home my stomachs queasy, back hurts, shingles have started AND having a fibro flare I got frustrated and cried and went to bed.

Highlights of my day-
Texting and laughing with Britt
Sending goofy pic to girls so they'd laugh (I'd post it too but deleted it already)
Getting my hair cut

Getting an unexpected tweet from HrtsMakeFamilly asking how I was feeling. I appreciated her asking and told her so. Sometimes little things like that can make a person smile on a bad day. I would link to her but don't know how on bb.

Now....I'm going to bed....again. Tomorrow will be even better-
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Oka said...

After last week I was scared your Shingles would act up...I just didn't want to say anything and make it happen.

(((((LISA)))))) My day was kind of crappy too. Take care of you and get some rest.

Kmama said...

Aww! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope that today is much better and you can have even more good things.

I figured out how to read your blog. If I just highlight the words, I can read it just fine. ;-)

Angie said...

Some good things are better than no good things