Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TTT and Wordless Wednesday

I'm getting a late start on Ten Thought Tuesday and an early start on Wordless Wednesday.
I've promised myself to do better about keeping my personal blog up and about commenting....call me on it if I start slacking!

1. We had a fabulous day at the race Saturday. Drex was wonderful. Not one cry or fussy mouth out of him.

2. Last week was so long, I swear it lasted 10 days. I guess deaths and funerals will do that though. It was a sad week but also a good one in the sense that the turn out for Mrs Bob's visitation and funeral was huge.
3. Deer season is upon us...I bought Butter an orange collar hoping he won't get shot since he is the color of the deer. Pray for him. :)
4. There is nothing on tv....nothing. All these channels and I'm just flipping them. Come on American Idol and don't disappoint like people say you will.
5. It rained today....wonderful lovely rain...we have missed you so. Thank you for showing your wet face.
6. Over a year ago I ask a lady to do a picture of Britt and mine wedding pic. She paints and does pastels...she did it in pastels and I got it today. It looks good and she charged me $85. I don't have $85 right now. I gave her half and the other in 2 weeks. I feel kinda bad but its been a year. :(
7. Our sunroom is really close to being complete. Britts painting right now. Our shades came in today and we bought the flooring the other day.. I'm getting excited!
8. I just had a thought... I'm not sure how the WW picture will post because I'm on the bb...if this post is messed up now you know why.
9. I plan on making knitted hats for the nieces and nephews for Christmas this year. I need to get on it or I will be buying them instead.
10. I did it! Now I think I will go eat some chocolate cake.

Wordless Wednesday SHOULD be below this...if I messed up there's no telling where it will be. :)

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Oka said...

I would think she could understand things have changed in a years time. Hope we get to see it.

Can't wait to see the sunroom either.

Tammy said...

Loved your recap...a new sunroom huh? Hmmm, maybe we need one too...lol If only we had sun like you guys.

I have been cold all day, could have been my run this morning that started it. I had to wear gloves it was that cold!

Kmama said...

your grandson gets cuter by the week. I love his open mouthed pic. ;-)

Sorry last week was rough. I wasn't around much and I had no idea a loved one passed away. (HUGS)

Angie said...

LOL @ the orange collar - my dog is the color of a deer also - but too many "tree huggers" (as hubby puts it) that don't let him hunt behind our house.

Drex is so darn cute! I know I say that all the time, but he is and I know you don't tire of hearing it as his grandma!

gayle said...

Nice post!! Would love the instructions on the knitted caps...is it easy??

Belinda said...

I'm so envious of your sunroom!

NO, there is NOTHING on tv. We pay out the wazoo for dish network, and there still isn't anything to watch. Even HGTV gets old sometimes.

Drex is absolutely adorable. I just love his chubby cheeks.

I wouldn't feel bad about the money. She did take an entire year to do it.

Eat some chocolate for me!