Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Five

Let's have a tailgate party! List 5 things you need to remember to take along to make the party complete. Be sure to remember your favorite fall food and beverages.
1. Charcoal- so you can cook your food.
2. Grill- to put the charcoal in... :)
3. Lighter fluid- to put on the charcoal inside the grill
4. MEAT- to put on the grill that has the charcoal inside that has the lighter fluid on it.
5. Lighter- to light the lighter fluid on the charcoal in the grill that has the meat on it.

:) that's all folks!
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blueviolet said...

We definitely need to get a few more grilling days out of the year before it gets too cold!

Oka said...


and you can grill year round, at least we do :D

Kmama said...

I think there needs to be six. You forgot the alcohol! ;-)

Tammy said...

We have perfect weather for grilling this weekend! Sunny skies in WA!

Angie said...

I'm with Kmama - it is definetly not a tailgate without the HOOCH!