Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conversational Sunday *featuring me and Kelly AND me and Nikki*

Conversational Sunday

I'm joining Brittany in her new meme Conversational Sunday!
If she gets 10 people to link up she's having a random giveaway from for the GO!

My conversation was with Kelly, the other day I kidnapped (with his mamas permission) Drex and went down the road with him to my mom and dads. It was me,my parents,Kelly, my brother Steven and his son Jonathan....yall know him, he's the one I videoed screaming when I jumped outta the closet at him! HAHAHA!!!

Ok so we were talking about how everyone that holds Drex just stares at him. All of us do it! he's just so precious!

After my brother gets Drex and we catch him staring at him Kelly lies down on the couch and puts her head in my's the convo-

Kelly- Could you just stare at me like people stare at Drex?

ME- Yes if you didn't have me laughing right now.

Kelly- Try it... (then she starts sticking out her tongue like Drex does)

ME- (laughing) It's kinda hard when you do that. You had your turn at me staring at you and saying things like..."Aww she is so pretty, I wonder if she'll ever grow hair on the top of her head." 

When she was a baby she looked like a lil ol man with a bald head and a bald mouth! Her hair grew around the bottom nbut not on top. HAHAHA!!! 
She has plenty on top now!


Convo with Nikki about Drex breast feeding (she might kill me)

Me- Drex wants to go to the boob cafe..

Nikki- That's all I am now days!
Drex and his mama and daddy

Ahhhh motherhood!


Brittany Ciara said...

The boob cafe?! Aww!

My mom used t ojust stare at me too! I miss those days! :D

Oka said...

He looks so at peace with his aunt.

Drex is the first baby I have wanted to hold since I had Michael <---true story

Sherri said...

...boob cafe...too funny

Brittney said...

boob cafe-- LMAO!!!

I miss just staring at my little man.. he wont even let me hold him now!

Tammy said...

The Boob Cafe that is open 24/7 for at least a year! Ugh!

Love your conversations grandma! I love calling you that! :)

Angie said...

The Boob Cafe... haha Love it!