Monday, July 13, 2009


Life seems to get so busy sometimes and I feel overwhelmed, that's my excuse for not blogging. Although it is an excuse it is also the truth. It seems like every since Kel came home I've been running to do this or that. Your suppose to stop and smell the flowers...I can't even find he flowers.

Recently I have had a few people canceling on me with the house cleaning. Then I had to cancel a few so that's got the $$$ looking not so good for me. I'll stop there though and not complain cause I do have a job and so does my husband, Alot of others don't.
Two canceled because of deaths, very sad and understandable. They are sisters and up in years. One had lost her husband and the other lost her son a week or so later. :(
Another is going through a divorce and hasn't got the money..... understandable.

My mom was brought to the ER Friday am because her legs wouldn't work. She got up at 6am, went to the bathroom, went back to bed til 7am and when she got up at 7 she fell back on the bed. Her legs wouldn't work. She was admitted into the hospital Friday and went thru a bunch of test and was released today with all test coming back good. They don't know why she wasn't able to walk. She can now but is just a little unsteady. Anyone ever heard of this happening?
On top of mom being in the hospital my brother called yesterday morning and said he was taking dad to the ER...
My dad is heard to get to go top the dr. so I knew he was in pain when Steven called. I got there right after them and waited with dad. Dr. came in and said his gout was now in his back,shoulders,arms and hands. I thought gout was only in your feet.I don't know...
He got 2 shots and 2 prescriptions and we left. We didn't want mama to know we had him in the ER but she found out. (bad kids) She's sneaky like only moms are.
So they are both home and ok.

I had the yard sale. We made around $170 total. so it wasn't a complete loss. It was HOT though. VERY! We are having 100 degree temps and it's scary to wonder what August will bring.
We are still walking.
and laughing
and breathing, what more can you ask for ?


Rhonda said...

Sorry to hear about your parents, but happy to hear that they are both back home. I have never in my life heard of gout being anywhere except in the feet. My little brother suffers with it sometimes and I know it is pretty rough for him.

Glad to see that you made some bucks on the yard sale. You would have made some money off of me. I love yard sales! Ok, now see I am gonna have to see if my mom and sis want to go to some yard sales this weekend. I am always looking for any books for the girls and yard sales are the perfect place sometimes.

Our weather has been in the upper 90's this week, but a few weeks ago we were hitting those double digits. Man is it one hot summer!

Stay cool hon and take care. Hugz!