Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kelly's tote

I finally finished on Kel's tote. I'm not real happy with it but with every one I make I figure out an easier or better way to do something. Like this one was SUPPOSE to have interfacing but I forgot I bought some to do it has no interfacing and it really needs it.
I made these posy flowers for the button and to decorate the pocket, the one on the pocket is removable to wear on a jacket or tank top. So be honest and tell me what you think!

Well crap, I forgot to turn the pic...just turn your head to left....see it now?
The material on the outside is black with silver lines through it. The inside is whiye with blue flowers.

Little flower on pocket is removable to wear on something else.

Big posy for button closure.

Nikki is doing much better, she has called me a million times today...OCD! I wish she'd take meds like the dr wants her too. If she thinks I sound "weird" then she'll call over and over and over! I'm fine just been concentrating on sewing. *sigh*

Kelly is doing great! At least I hear great and she sounds wonderful. She goes to OB-GYN Thurs. and we will know more then. Thank you all so much for the prayers.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

It's a great looking tote...very stylish! Love teh removeable flowers!