Thursday, January 8, 2009

DAY 8....

Today has been a cold day to me. It was 56 degrees which is not cold but I was cold all day...hope I'm not coming down with something. I'm not exercising tonight. My feet,legs,ankles and knees ache so bad I just wanna take them off and soak them in a hot tub. I'm a gloomy Gertrude tonight.

I keep trying to upload some pics and keep getting page load error...that is so frustrating.

We got the BIG brush pile burned, my yard is looking much bigger with the fence line cleaned up. I have so many wonderful flower seeds from seed swaps and I am excited for Spring to get here so I can plant them.

Well looks like it going to keep saying page load error...Y'all have a wonderful night. :)

TIME 0 minutes...unless you count the 3 hours I spent cleaning a house today.


Shirley said...

Hi Lisa, I'm not sure but maybe your pictures are not in .jpg format. Sometimes .tif files, etc. won't upload. Email me by going to my blog and clicking on the EMAIL ME on the left-hand side bar. Maybe I can help. Welcom to blogland, lady!

lisa said...

Thanks for looking at my page. I was trying out a new three column format and I’m using a new header too, plus the color theme. I was afraid it would show different on different monitors. Do you use Picasa? I had the same problem downloading through it for a while.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thanks for visiting me today Lisa! It looks like you are working hard to exercise in the New Year, I am impressed! I wish you the best of luck! :)

Jen r. said...

I can't wait for spring either! I am excited to get my bulbs and seeds in too!